About Us



When you partner with Accent on Dining, you gain entry into an elite world that offers you access to the most sought-after restaurants in the world, one-stop shopping for all your group dining needs and ultimate value through exclusive restaurant partnerships.
Who We Are

Etty Scaglia, founder and president of Accent of Dining, is a restaurant, hospitality and tourism expert with years of restaurant experience.  She formed the company on the premise that she could help tour companies take the legwork – and guesswork – out of group bookings by forming a partnership directly with restaurants, training them on what groups need from them and how to better serve these clients, and passing along this expertise to tourism industry groups, corporate clients and FIT’s.
Why Choose Accent on Dining?

Access:  Accent on Dining streamlines the booking process and offers one-stop shopping for your group dining needs.  Whether you need breakfast in DC, lunch in Philly and dinner in NYC or meal set-up for a weekend in Miami, Accent on Dining provides access you may not be able to get on your own.
Ease:  Accent on Dining is your personal restaurant consultant for all your group dining needs.  We’ll listen to your wish list and specifications, make recommendations, provide appropriate menu suggestions, handle the bookings, train the restaurant on any special requests and make all payments to the restaurant. 
Value:  Your budget goes to your clients’ experience, not our pockets.  Our relationship is with the restaurants; there is no mark-up and you pay NO ADDITIONAL FEES.  Accent on Dining can accommodate any budget and we’ll work with you to get you the value you expect.  No exceptions!
How It Works?

Accent on Dining builds and fosters relationships with the most desirable restaurants across the United States.  We promote these relationships to the tourism industry via this website, trade shows and our email newsletter – offering preferred pricing and reliable access. Benefit from our years of experience, knowledge, insight and reliability to make your group dining events memorable for both you and your clients.
How to Book?

  1. Contact Accent on Dining and we’ll put together a profile for your group.
  2. Accent on Dining will provide restaurant suggestions and menus.
  3. On behalf of the restaurant(s), Accent on Dining will prepare a contract(s) for you to sign.
  4.  Accent on Dining will handle all the bookings, pricing negotiations, changes and/or cancellations – regardless of how many restaurants you’ve contracted.
  5. Accent on Dining will handle all payments to the restaurant.  Please make your check -- payable in full -- to Accent On Dining at least 3 business days prior to the event date.